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This is the same idea as the WIZARD WHIP but completed with a coiled cable. I install a special value capacitor inside one of the plugs and this allows the cable to achieve a certain capacitance per foot. The WIZARD COIL behaves tonally different than a regular coiled cable. It is much like a coiled cable on steroids. Your upper frequencies get fatter and pushed up front, the mids get an increased punch to them and the low end gets tightened up a touch. The Wizard cables have been my favorite cables tone wise since I created them. I do recommend this to be first in the signal chain. So straight out of guitar or bass into the first pedal or directly into the amp. My favorite setup is a Wizard cable from instrument into my board and then a Riff Whip out of the board into the amplifier. It is definitely an audible difference you will feel and hear. I can do the WIZARD COIL in any of my regular coil finishes. Also it doesn't matter which plug goes into the instrument. That is something I get asked often. In the notes below please let me know what combination of plugs you'd like as well as what color heat shrink you'd like to seal the plugs. Plug options are, both straight, both angled or one of each. Shrink options are blue, red, green, yellow, white, orange, black, white, purple and gray. If you have any questions at all about any of my products please reach out to me on any of the social media platforms. Don't email me. Thank you!

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