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Ampturco 20’ - 15’ - 10’ Straight Instrument Cable ⚡️RIFF WHIPS⚡️

$45.00 - $62.00

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All instrument cables come standard with one angled plug and one straight plug unless otherwise noted.

Here we have my very own Straight instrument cable meaning non coiled. These are made to 20’ 15' and 10' lengths and can be made to custom lengths if desired. If something custom is needed please contact me and I will get it sorted for you. My cables are made in the USA and are very low capacitance at 20 picofarads per foot. The lower capacitance really allows the tone of your instrument to really shine and sound very true to what the instrument is pushing out to the amplifier. These come with Rean Neutrik brand plugs and can be configured into any combination of either straight plugs on both ends or one straight and one angled or angled plugs on both ends.

These are excellent quality cables. They are all hand soldered and each plug is sealed with heat shrink to combat the annoyance of it coming unscrewed and adds durability. The material of the cable is great as well as it doesn’t cause unwanted tangling. These come in Red, White , Orange , Sea Foam Green, Purple and Blue. The heat shrink to seal the plugs I offer in many colors as well , the colors are Red, Black, White, Yellow, Orange, Light Gray, Purple, Dark Green, and Dark Blue

At the time of order you can leave in the notes what color heat shrink you would like for the plugs, and the combination of plugs you would like, or you can message me directly to my email [email protected] or find me on any of the social media platforms. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.
Thank you!!!!