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Here we have an 10" Mono Y Cable. This is two male 1/4" plugs to one female 1/4" jack. This works great for amplifiers that have two inputs and two Separate channels, such as a Vox AC15-30 or a Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb and amplifiers like 4 Hole Marshalls such as the Plexi. This gives you a much more direct signal path instead of jumping the channels like on a plexi. More in your face raw tone as well as more upper frequencies since you can use both higher output inputs at the same time. With a Vox AC 15 or 30 this allows you to turn that amp into pure fire breathing beast. Max out both channel volumes and adjust master to taste and you can throw away all your drive pedals. Same with the deluxe reverb other than there is no master volume on those amps unless modded.

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